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cutting & finishing

Choose one of our stylists for you and your personality! If you’re not sure, please give us a call and let us help you decide.

Cut & Finish Short/Medium (Shoulder length)£73 – £63
Cut & Finish Short Creative/Thick/Long/Restyle£83 – £73
Cut & Finish Extra Long/Thick/Curly Cut£93 - £83
Blow-Dry£54 – £37
Infused Treatment with the above services£10 (add £10 for long hair)
Additional Charges may be incurred for extra styling or time
Men Cut & Finish£54 – £37
Men Long Cut & Finish£73 - £63
Children 12 and underfrom £70 - £20 (not available for book on line)
Students over 125% off Cut/Finishing services
Hair Concern Consultation£25 (The fee can be redeemed against your service).


Cut & Finish Short/Medium

Hair Length: Above shoulder blades

Hair Texture: Fine to medium

Cut & Finish Short Creative/Thick/Long/Restyle

Hair Length: Short creative cuts (undercuts, pixie cuts, bobs), long hair (below shoulder blades)

Hair Texture: Thick or curly

Cut & Finish Extra Long/Thick/Curly Cut

Hair Length: Hair from waist down

Hair Texture: Extra long, thick, or curly

Note: Prices may vary depending on stylist and additional services. Time allocation for each service will be discussed during consultation

invisible haircut

This is a service for clients wanting to grow their hair, cut on dry hair to eliminate split ends caused by wear and tear. The length is not touched only the mid sections, we recommend this service every eight weeks.

Ask our stylist for further information. Service £20

colour prices

Our technical team specialise in different areas of colour. They also have different areas of expertise and so charge accordingly, from colourist to colour specialist. Our receptionist can help you with the choice of team member or you can check the team profiles to see their specialist skills.

If you have not visited us previously and require a Root Retouch or Full Head Colour you will need a patch test that must be undertaken 48 hours before your appointment.



Full Head£155– £95
Half Head£105 – £55
Parting/Face Frame £65 – £50
Instant Foils (12)£45 - £40
Surcharge for thick or long hair

all over colouring

Full Head Tint£70 – £60
Semi-Permanent£65 – £55
Regrowth/Roots£65 - £55
Full Head Tint & T-Section foils£125 – £95
Surcharge for thick or long hair

bleach & tone

Full Head from£100 – £95
Glaze Toner from£60 – £30
Surcharge for thick or long hair

balayage/freehand colouring/crazy colour

From blondes to brunettes, from redheads to the unique crazy colours; freehand colouring has become the new way for coloured hair. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you an accurate quote until we meet you as this technique is personal and unique to every single client, which is how hair should be treated. It’s the same with price. Here you pay for time – a little bit of colour is a lower price than a more complex colour – meet your stylist and discuss your ideas, or send us a picture of ‘you now’ and the ‘dream you’ and we can be more accurate!

colour change/correction

It’s not always as complicated or as expensive as you might think. Each case is different and we insist you come in and speak to us.

salon treatments

Infused Natural Treatments: 

Selection of tailored treatments infused with natural ingredients 

Enhances hydration, body, and overall hair health 

Intensive Treatments: 

Deeply nourishing treatments for intensive care 

Restores hydration and vitality to the hair 

K18 Treatment: 

Advanced K18 treatment to replenish and repair hair bonds 

Ideal for recovering brittle hair and enhancing hair health 

Did You Know? 

The easiest hair to manage is the hair in the best condition. Well-conditioned hair holds volume longer, prevents colour fade, enhances curls, and tames frizz. 

Everyone deserves happy, healthy hair! 

Note: Prices from £10 to £25 

hard water/mineral/product build up treatment

Hard water and certain hair products may not immediately show their effects, but over time, they can quietly damage your hair. It may take weeks or even months before you notice the consequences. One day, you might find yourself dealing with more breakage than you’d expect, due to the damage caused by months of build-up or if products aren’t working as well as they were.

Experience the difference with our revitalising treatments from £15 – £30 

ginger rabbit scalp facial

Is your scalp struggling with issues like slow hair growth, flakiness, or persistent itching? Introducing our Ginger Rabbit Scalp Exfoliant Facial, tailored specifically for sensitive scalps and those facing hair growth challenges.  

This targeted service is meticulously designed to purify and soothe your scalp, providing relief from discomfort and promoting a healthier environment for hair growth. Experience the transformation as your hair becomes suppler, shinier, and fortified against daily aggressions. 

Note: Booking this service is essential for individuals dealing with problematic scalp conditions. This service does not include a blow-dry. Price of treatment from £15 – £25 

instant ultra-shine softening treatment

For all hair types – weightless treatment that hydrates the hair fibre for an instant shine and smooth finish, leaving your hair silky smooth. Price of treatment is £10

k-18 treatment

When hair gets damaged, the polypeptide chains (keratin chains) that make up the inner structure of hair strands become weakened and break. When these are damaged, hair’s core structure responsible for elasticity and strength becomes compromised and as a result it loses its resiliency and shine (or the look and feel of healthy hair).

Treatments start from £10


When your hairdresser recommends that to keep your hair in great condition you need to fix the bonds in your hair to give structure, strength and stability – then please listen.

We only charge £10 for a single dose, this is a great price because we want your hair to feel fabulous.

perm/chemical wave

Perm from £90 

Men’s or ½ head perm from £73 

Fashion perm from £163 

keratin / brazilian blowdry

Is your hair waving in all the wrong places? Do you dread those rainy days when your hair becomes an unruly mess? We understand the frustration! If you’re dealing with hair that just won’t cooperate, leaving you feeling “arghhh!”, then we have the perfect solution for you. 

Introducing our magical Keratin / Brazilian Blow-Dry service, designed to tame the unmanageable and transform frizzy hair into silky smooth locks. Join our delighted clients who love the results! 


Full Head: £135 to £250 (depending on hair length and thickness) 

Fringes/Sides or semi-permanent: From £24 to £83 (depending on thickness, length, and time required for the treatment) 

Say goodbye to the frizz and hello to beautifully manageable hair! 

This version emphasises the transformative nature of the service, offering a solution for unruly, frizzy hair. 

wedding & events

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life, and we understand the significance of every detail. Our dedicated wedding stylists are here to cater to your every need, from the initial trial to styling your entire bridal party. 

Rest assured, our wedding team shares your passion for this special day. We are committed to ensuring that your bridal look is nothing short of perfection. Whether you envision a simple and sophisticated style or something more themed and fabulous, we’ve got you covered. 

Let us guide you in selecting the perfect stylist who will bring your vision to life and make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Price on consultation

model thursdays

Quality Services with our junior stylist, giving you great hair at a discounted price.

Ladies cut and blow -dry *from £35

Ladies ½ head foils with blow-dry *from £50

Ladies full head foils with blow-dry *from £75

Ladies ½ foils with cut and blow-dry *from £75

Prices exclude toners, olaplex, K18, treatments. T&C’s apply

*starting price from short hair*

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