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mikaela [salon owner]

 With an illustrious career spanning three decades, Mikaela stands as a seasoned professional, having honed her craft with industry giants such as Schwarzkopf Professional and John Frieda. Her extensive experience is reflected in her diverse client base, ranging in age and style. The unwavering loyalty of her clients serves as a testament to Mikaela’s exceptional ability to not only make people look great but, more importantly, feel great.

Passionate about her work, Mikaela firmly believes that the key to a fantastic haircut lies in the successful collaboration between client and stylist. As an outstanding hairdresser, she goes beyond the surface, genuinely caring about her clients’ needs and preferences.

Mikaela’s expertise shines in the realm of cutting short hair, whether it’s thick, coarse, fine, frizzy, or poses any other challenge. Her commitment to finding solutions for every hair type is unparalleled.

Beyond her skills with the scissors, Mikaela is a scalp specialist, ready to address issues like hair loss, eczema, and psoriasis.

In Mikaela’s world, there’s no such thing as ‘difficult’ hair— If you think you have ‘difficult’ hair, it’s generally because you have the wrong style.” Mikaela’s mission is to help everyone discover the beauty in their unique hair and make it work seamlessly for them.

Renowned as a “perm specialist and short haircut specialist. Are you ready to redefine your look and embrace the beauty of your hair? Mikaela is the expert you’ve been looking for.

Mikaela charges from £73 for a cut and blow dry.


Kelly has an ability to put people at ease with her warm, friendly and genuine personality. Kelly is a colour expert as well an all-rounder in hairdressing with over 20 years of experience! Kelly loves creating short haircuts and the legend of highlights and keratin blow-dry.

“Though hair quality is first and foremost, you need high shine, tones and shades to make colour work for you. Did you know that the wrong tone or shade can add years to someone and the right one can remove them!”

Meet Kelly, a seasoned professional with a knack for making everyone feel at ease through her warm, friendly, and genuine personality. Boasting over 20 years of experience, Kelly is not just a hairdresser; she’s a true artist and a colour expert.

Kelly’s passion lies in the art of creating short haircuts that speak volumes and the timeless allure of highlights and keratin blow-dries. With a keen eye for detail, she understands that hair quality is paramount, but it’s the high shine, tones, and shades that truly bring out the best in colour.

In Kelly’s world, colour isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing your unique features. She believes in the transformative power of the right tone or shade, explaining, “The wrong tone or shade can add years to someone, and the right one can remove them!”

As a senior technician, Kelly simplifies the process. Together, you and Kelly will find solutions to give you the amazing hair you truly deserve. Whether you’re looking for a fresh haircut, stunning highlights, or a sleek keratin blow-dry, Kelly is your go-to expert.

Her expertise doesn’t stop there—Kelly is recognized as a “bridal and hairdressing expert,” showcasing her ability to create timeless and beautiful looks for special occasions.

Kelly charges from £73 for a cut and blow dry


Meet Lauren, your ultimate “people person” and dedicated stylist committed to going the extra mile for a look you’ll love. With expertise in cutting and colouring, Lauren’s true passion lies in the art of colouring, specializing in highlights, balayage, and curly hair, showcasing her exceptional technical skills.

Beyond her styling prowess, Lauren is an easy-going individual with a wealth of knowledge in the science of hair. From scalp issues to

stressed and damaged hair, she excels in creating tailored hair health plans, ensuring 365 days of happy, vibrant hair.

Lauren is not just a stylist; she’s a colour maestro. Whether you desire a sun-kissed blonde, a rich chocolate brunette, or a vivid shade of copper, she discusses and crafts the best approach for your unique style.

Her ultimate goal? To have her clients “go forth and feel fabulous!” Lauren’s title of “balayage specialist” is a testament to her mastery in creating stunning, natural-looking colour that enhances your features and leaves you feeling confidently beautiful.

Lauren charges from £68 for a cut and blow dry


What sets Abbie apart is not just her skill but her friendly and approachable manner. A fantastic listener, she tunes into your desires and seamlessly collaborates with your hair to create a look that not only suits you but also grows out beautifully over time.

Abbie’s extreme passion for her craft, paired with her strong and vibrant personality, is the secret sauce that has clients singing her praises. Every session with Abbie is not just a haircut; it’s an experience filled with warmth, creativity, and a touch of magic.

Ready to unleash the fabulous version of yourself? Click the link and book your appointment with Abbie. As a “long hair specialist,” she’s ready to transform your locks into a masterpiece that turns heads and leaves you feeling absolutely fabulous!Abbie charges from £63 for a cut and blow dry.

Abbie charges from £63 for a cut and blow dry


Meet Elle, the embodiment of warmth and welcome in the world of hairstyling. With a personality that radiates friendliness, Elle effortlessly forges strong bonds with her clients, creating an inviting atmosphere in which they feel not just satisfied but genuinely happy and comfortable.

Elle’s passion lies in the art of making her clients feel like valued friends. This commitment is the cornerstone of her approach, recognizing that a positive client/hairdresser relationship is as essential as the skills applied to their hair.

Elle takes pride in overseeing her client’s entire journey. Specializing in ladies’ colouring, creative balayage, precision Bob haircuts, and crafting long, flowing locks with the perfect beach wave blow-dry.

For those seeking fresh and adventurous hair ideas, Elle is the go-to stylist. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she thrives on bringing innovative concepts to life, ensuring each client leaves with a hairstyle that reflects their personality and style.

Discover the joy of hairstyling with Elle, where each visit is not just a salon appointment but a delightful journey towards a fabulous look and a lasting connection.

Elle charges from £63 for a cut and blow dry


Introducing Maleeha, the young dynamo making waves in the hair industry. Starting her journey as a trainee stylist, Maleeha isn’t just mastering scissors and combs; she’s also hitting the books, diligently working towards her NVQ Level 2 both in the salon and at college. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels for updates as Maleeha seeks models to refine her skills in the world of hairdressing!

Beyond the salon, Maleeha’s life is a vibrant blend of words and flavors. Whether she’s immersed in a captivating book or concocting something sweet in the kitchen, she infuses her unique touch into everything she does. With her friendly and caring vibe, Maleeha is on a mission to soak in every bit of experience. She’s not just here to style; she’s here to become an exceptional hairdresser.

Stay tuned because Maleeha is more than a trainee—she’s a force poised to redefine the hair game!


Step into the vibrant world of our salon and meet Brendan, the dynamic Saturday assistant who effortlessly balances his duties while excelling at John Hampden Grammar School. With a knack for multitasking and a passion for learning,

Brendan brings a fresh energy to our team as he eagerly dives into the world of hairdressing. Beyond the salon, Brendan’s talents extend to the piano keys, the strum of a guitar, and the splash of the swimming pool, reflecting his diverse interests and zest for life. Whether he’s assisting clients or pursuing his passions, Brendan’s dedication and enthusiasm shine through, making him an invaluable asset to our salon team.

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